Adriana Lima’s beauty secrets

Adriana Lima’s beauty secrets

Adriana Lima's beauty secrets
Adriana Lima’s beauty secrets

I’m always looking out for beauty secrets and tips from celebrities, models, and other inspirational people. It’s fun to borrow a beauty tip or two and incorporate them into my beauty routine. This time I wanted to do my own little research on Adriana de Lima’s skin care and beauty secrets including some on how she maintains a fit and toned body.

So here are a few of her beauty secrets, that I found to be very beneficial. I plan to include some of these into my own beauty/wellness routine. If you also like reading about celebrities best kept beauty secrets, then this post is for you

Coconut water & other Juices – Adriana drinks coconut water everyday, she also recommends drinking other healthy juices made of fruits such as Acai and Acerola. According to Dr. Axe, the acai berry is a high antioxidant food, even more than other berries including the goji berry. One of the benefits of acai berries is that it helps regenerate skin and also prevent those annoying early signs of aging.

Intense workouts– Adriana loves doing workouts that will make her sweat, she recommends jumping rope, which she does sometimes up to an hour. She also suggest doing a minimum of ten minutes jumping rope, which according to her burns up as many calories as running for thirty minutes, no wonder she is so fit and slim !!

Healthy snacks – When she is being careful with her diet she goes for healthy snacks such as asparagus and spinach as well as berries specially blackberries and blueberries.
Flax seed oil– For hair to grow faster Adriana recommends flaxseed oil, it can also be in a pill form, but suggests asking your doctor first.
A lot of mascara– One beauty tip from Adriana which never occurred to me is: applying and reapplying black mascara all day long specially during the summer.

Mix bronze powder or shimmer with moisturizer– For a bare faced look Adriana recommends mixing your moisturizer with bronze powder or shimmer. This can also be done with your daily sunblock, according to Adriana it gives a nice glow when applied.

Hair mask– Doing a hair mask at least once a week is what Adriana tries to do, she uses hair conditioner for this, and leaves it 30-45 minutes under her hair cap, before rinsing. She also suggests changing conditioners once in a while, which is what she does. She also shares a unique beauty tip from native country, Brazil and that is very simple and is, mixing a hair mask or hair conditioner with some avocado and using it as a treatment, according to her it will leave your hair shiny.

Going to a dermatologist– Like most celebrities Adriana has a personal dermatologist, that she visits once a month and takes great care of her skin. His name is Herve Herau, has his very own line of products, which are amazingly natural, and lives in the beautiful city of Paris.

Beauty Oils– One of her best kept beauty secrets: the use of oils to make her skin look not only healthy but also glowing, in fact she uses almond oil and coconut oil before big events as a way to prepare her skin and hair. Drinking a lot of water is also a must for her as well as using water mists to keep herself hydrated during the day when she has events.

I hope you too can benefit from some of Adriana’s best kept beauty and skin care secrets as much as I did. Which of the above was your favorite beauty secret? share below if you wish, in the comment section. Have a great day ladies !!!